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About Us

Logistics supplier.
Supply Chain performance manages the whole flow involved by logistics (information – finance – goods) from the order entry to the delivery at your customer locations. Through its culture, command of used equipments and industrial optimization of the NTIC, Supply Chain Performance meets logistics requirements.

Supply Chain Performance allows you to take advantage of the experience and partnerships we have developed with the most suitable carriers to meet your needs: lots, regular, express, mono-parcel …

Site & equipments.
21000 sq mts for the warehouse among them 5 000 are dedicated to the copacking. 12 000 pallets locations – 1 B2B conveyor – 1 B2C conveyor.

Information system.
A tailored to logistics needs and full technological environment is available within SCP. IT solutions SCP created and uses offer you a full tracking of your overall logistics activity (stock, shipments, returns, support ...) The SCP I.S. (Information system) is hosted within a highly secure datacenter and guarantees a constant availability for the ops. SCP provides an IT solution that fits onto your logistics flow management. From either our ERP or your merchant site platform, you can follow and manage your logistics activity : secure EDI exchanges, full EAI-driven workflow, web platform ...

Site under 24x7 inside & outside CCTV – in-site guarding – video-control room – Staff in and out by a single acces through an airport metal detector + magnetometer under guard supervision. Secure reception zone for the drivers.

Service level rate.
Our proven and constant 99.87% SLA is above the standard for the sector of picking logistics.

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